Sectors - Motorsport


  • Supplying leading teams
  • Fast turnaround
  • High quality finishes

"… have been commissioning Philip James for a number of years. The nature of our work requires fast-turnaround, often with short notice, to meet our numerous phased upgrades programme throughout the year. We have always found Philip James to be accommodating and adaptable."

- Senior Buyer, Motorsport -

"Always has been pleasure to work with. We appreciate the teams ‘can do’ attitude and service, such as updates on part manufacturing and delivery status. They go above and beyond what we expect and we value that attitude."

- Chassis Engineer, Automotive -

"We have commissioned Philip James on a number of occasions over the last year, having been introduced to them through another division. The service has been of high standard and we will continue to contact Philip James for future projects."

- Purchaser, Aerospace -

"First of all, we must say thank you. A racing team is not just about the guys at the track, or the drivers in the car, or the people in the factory, or our Partners; it also needs the commitment of our Suppliers. We have built an unbreakable team spirit thanks to your support and we are all very proud to be one small part of that process..."

- Testimonial 4, Motorsport -

"Thank you for getting the parts delivered today. Not only have you delivered on time but the parts look really good – we have had the parts checked and … at present ball joints fitted etc."

- Senior Technical Buyer, Automotive -

"Thank you- those are the only worthy words to begin this email… It is sometimes hard to explain to people outside our sport what a team effort Formula One is. You need no explanation. There is an incredible dynamic within our team, and that comes from the combination of our owners, our suppliers, our team members and our drivers. It is a privilege to be able to share this achievement with you."

- Purchasing Assistant (on behalf of Team Principle), Motorsport -

Long Standing supplier

Being a long-standing supplier to a leading motorsport teams, we possess the experience and skillset to machine components that meet strict testing criteria. The challenge of winning is tough and that motivates us to support our customers in reaching their pinnacle. Calling upon on our knowledge and skills, we are able to supply components for all types of four-wheel and two-wheel motorsport disciplines.

Quick turnaround

Due to the nature and competitiveness of racing, we understand that quick turnaround is critical to meet pre season testing and in season upgrade programmes. We machine a range of singular and few-off components for track car and logistics team through our CNC Milling, CNC Turning and CNC Wire Eroding capabilities, using standard and exotic materials.

Due to the confidential nature of the work we undertake, we do not publicly mention our customers and the components we manufacture for them.